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We are going to bring some magic to your website. Our tailor-made templates are focused on optimized performance, speed and SEO without compromising on the good looks.

Tell us what you need,  our passion is helping small businesses & entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

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Responsive, optimized, SEO, mobile first, clean, modern… Whether these buzzwords sound familiar or not, you can be sure we have it all.

Stop worrying about the details, the process and the technology. That’s our job. Your job is to tell us the end goal of your website. No matter if it is selling online, increasing calls and prospects, or simply gaining visibility; we know how to get you there.



“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

We disagree. The first impression counts, and it counts a lot. We want your audience to experience love at first sight. They come for your looks and stay for your passion.

From a tiny makeover to a whole brand identity from scratch, our team knows what to do to leave your company looking like a million bucks.



You have a fabulous website and some gorgeous branding, now what?

The way you chose to connect with the online world is the most important step to maximize your good looks. Building community is the best way to tell your story and make people believe in what you do. We will create and maintain the appropriate channels for you to reach your perfect audience and achieve your goals.


We are easy. We love what we do and our only goal is to support you and your business in conquering the Word Wide Web. Your story deserves to be told in the best way possible and this is how we plan on doing it:

We chat

We chat

The meet and greet is always exciting! First you talk we listen, what is your business all about? What is the story behind it and what is it really that you want to achieve?

Then comes our turn to make you feel at home, we present the ways in which LunaStudios can support you and your brand. Every client is a unique beautiful project and we do not believe in trying to make you fit into a mold.



Now that we know each other, it is time to set some clear goals and measurable milestones.

We create a custom plan for you that includes all the tailored services we recommend for your brand. From there you decide which of them you want to sign up for and we finalize a plan of action and budget.

Now comes the fun part!



Because we know each of our clients has a unique story to tell, we limit the number of projects we work on at the same time. This also allows us to set up rigorous timelines, so that you know in which stage of the creative process we are working on at all times.

You have told us what you need from us, now we work hard on giving you the best results. Throughout our scheduled milestone meetings, you will be able to provide any feedback and ask as many questions as you want. We remain fully available to you from beginning to end.



Time to launch! Once both parties are happy with what we have accomplished together, we make sure you end up with a nice strategy to reveal your new website and/or brand identity.

It is also time to focus on the long run. Our maintenance and campaign services are discussed with you, so that you take full advantage of the ways we can support your growth.

Now you are part of the LunaStudios family and we will remain available to you whenever you need us.


  • Leading Canadian distributor of orthopedic soft goods with a focus on footcare.
  • PayPal e-commerce integration.
  • Custom-made contact and order forms.
  • Catalogue management integrated within the WordPress CMS.


We would love to meet up for coffee. And if you’re not in the maritimes, we believe Long Distance Relationships can work (with love and commitment). Just get in touch and we will work something out.

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